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Mountains to Sea in Natural

Inspired by the cold misty beaches of summers spent in Scandinavia and northern California. These pieces started like all the rest on small painted collages.

When researching the material to use we were introduced to a Yak fiber that comes from nomadic herders in Tibet. Upon seeing the bag of Yak fiber, Michelle asked the owner of the workshop how they collected the wool from the Yak. The owner laughed and said, ‘They don’t collect it from the Yak, they collect it from the bushes that the Yak rubs up against.” Once it comes to Nepal, women in a nearby workshop spin it into yarn that will be used on the loom.

Below you can see photos of the weaving and spinning process. For reference we’ve included a photo of a few Yaks. This photo was taken on Michelle’s hike through the Annapurna circuit two years ago, hopefully someday we’ll get to Tibet and see those Yaks too.

100% Handspun Yak
78.7in x 31.5in
Handspun and handwoven in Nepal
Dry Clean Only


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